Macanao Torres & Rick Lous

Horny Macanao Torres is waiting for the subway when Rick Lous runs into him. Rick is a pig exactly to his liking. He drags him down into the subway station the stairs, getting him on all fours and presenting his sneakers for sniffing by his bearded face. Rick can not get enough of the smell of sweaty leather. With every breath Rick's desire to submit to Macanao increases. Watching the horny pig is too much for the Spanish macho. Now he must be fucked on the tracks where everyone can see the naughty goings-on. Macanao juices up Rick asshole widening up for the smacking that is to follow.

Owen Powers & Scott DeMarco BAREBACK in Tampa

There are a lot of great things about being one of the models on the Jason Sparks Nationwide Bareback Road Trip and seeing the best of what America has to offer is just one of them. Owen Powers and Scott DeMarco are in Tampa Florida enjoying a walk by the beach in the warm sun. They find a quiet spot and start making out - Owen is soon on his knees deep throating Scott's big thick dick. With their erect cocks hanging outside of their shorts they wander and find a spot closer to the water.

Alexx Stier & Paco Pedraza

Alexx Stier is one of the horniest bastards that's out there. Every day when he gets up in the morning he wants only one thing: the next blazing ass fuck.
One of his favorite places to find the next willing fuck meat is the Zoo, where the hottest gay guys in the city go to pursue their passions.
Sexy Brazilian Paco Pedraza is thinking the same thing as he strolls during his vacation through the Park.
At the first glance between the two, everything is clear. Alexx pushes Paco down on his knees and shoves his killer cock in the sensual mouth that's just swallows it.


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