Living Room Wreckage

You Know What'd Be Hot, Guys?

Steve: Wait, hold on, I'm still working on this, but I was thinking... What if I put... No, we've got the bicycle and two vacuum cleaners. I was thinking we could kick this over into sexy if I'd just... It's the lamp, isn't it? Is that distracting you? I never knew quite what to do with those pillows from the estate sale. Are they stealing too much focus? I know I can still make this work.


Celine Dion's Venetian (Tangerine) Daydream

Richard: And here we have Chi Chi's private living room, designed by Miss LaRue herself. Oh, and what luck! Here we have an actual hustler, ladies and gentlemen, probably plucked from the very sidewalks of Santa Monica Boulevard! Take your photos quickly, my dears -- tomorrow he'll be charging $300 an hour for it!


WebTV in Plush, Floral Comfort

Steve: Given the push that PC makers have made to get their products into the living room, it's not a very far leap to realize how gay men with overstuffed sofas and hotel art were going to use their comfy new porno thrones.

However, I'm particularly enchanted by that long, loooooooong mouse cord. No need to spend money on batteries for those new-fangled wireless contraptions!


To Grandmother's House We Go

Steve: Lurid Digs asks our readers, what are you doing with your free time while you're snowed in at your grandmother's house this festive time of year?


Louis' First Campaign Was a Bust

Steve: This promotional image from a major producer of plug-in air fresheners was never used in their new "gritty" and "demographically targeted" campaign due to the fact that the product isn't visible in the shot.

First-time campaign director/photographer, Louis Thatch, remarks, "I was very focused on including as many tangible sources of odor as possible, so I didn't always get the unit in-frame. I asked if we could add it in post [production] but at the end of the day the whole thing was a re-shoot and all I got out of these was a mysterious infection."


Prince Kyle of the (Bargain) Jungle

Steve: There's a lot of motion here, in terms of the layout of this unusual and challenging space, but also in terms of the camera man, who I believe may have been falling over, or struggling to escape at the moment this photo was taken.


"Care Bear... SCARE!"

Steve: It is a testament to the power of a handsome face that I remain focused on that particular attribute of this photo, given that it is a boundless sea of the dingy and embarrassing, in which everything that has survived the fire now serves either as an ash tray, piggy bank, or combination ash tray/piggy bank.

I can barely breathe.


Dale's Asymmetrical Design Magic

Richard: In art school, sensitive boys like Dale learned that symmetry is a bad thing. That symmetry dulls the eye and doesn't hold the viewer's attention. That asymmetry is where it's at, man. Now an interior designer/performance artist, Dale has taken these lessons to heart. As you can see here, Dale has taken his room in the Junction City Design Home and turned it into a paradise that any blind grandmother would love.


Oh, This Must be Europe

Steve: Whenever I see something like this, I have a violent initial reaction which is then nullified by a secondary reaction of, "Oh, this must be Europe -- one of those tiny countries I don't know the name of where everything looks completely chaotic and insane and nobody notices and it's okay anyway because everyone is eight times sexier than the average American."

But if I'm wrong, and this is just Arkansas, then may the Lord have mercy on whoever was behind the aesthetic considerations of this space.



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