"A" for Effort

We've Got A New and Improved Comment Section

David: Hey Guys

A lot of you didn't like the old comment section on Lurid Digs. (And neither did we -- fighting off the non-stop stream of bots and spam was a nightmare).

Sooooo, we have integrated into Facebook's comment system. The good news is that if you are already on Facebook you can leave a comment easily. The bad news is that you have to be on Facebook to leave a comment. We're hoping you are on Facebook.


Text Me (Maybe)

David: Or maybe this post should be titled: Can You See Me Now?. I know -- you're right, it's true, there aren't a lot of visual clues to critique in this photo, but my attention is pulled to the old optometrist's eye chart on the wall -- which might explain why the occupant is having such a hard time discerning between a mobile device and a dick.


When High-end Lifestyle Accoutrements are Unnecessary

Shawn: I'll say it: I'm liking this, and as I struggle in vain to avert my eyes from the dreamy occupant (focus...), I'm finding this abode has a certain austere quality that works for me; there doesn't seem to be an excess of frills or bric-a-brac, indicating he's focused on his basic needs. If the jaunty sailor cap isn't simply a holdover from a Popeye Halloween costume that has since found other non-denom uses, then its presence could account for the air of sturdy discipline that defines the space.


The Little Yellow Room That Could

David: It's sadly rare here, at Lurid Digs, to give out the classic "A for effort" mention when deconstructing and revealing the secrets (and crimes) of the various interiors we showcase for you. And so, with the generous spirit of the holidays approaching, I will institute a new tradition: Acknowledging design tableaux that do 'try harder' -- despite antlers and pelts displayed on the walls.


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