When High-end Lifestyle Accoutrements are Unnecessary

Shawn: I'll say it: I'm liking this, and as I struggle in vain to avert my eyes from the dreamy occupant (focus...), I'm finding this abode has a certain austere quality that works for me; there doesn't seem to be an excess of frills or bric-a-brac, indicating he's focused on his basic needs. If the jaunty sailor cap isn't simply a holdover from a Popeye Halloween costume that has since found other non-denom uses, then its presence could account for the air of sturdy discipline that defines the space. The simple, functional bedside table and book shelf don't look pricey and really don't need to be, and the basic black fan and retro-looking alarm clock signal that high-end lifestyle accoutrements are unnecessary. His workout gear is equally unpretentious, so being seen at a trendy gym isn't much of a priority in the way that general fitness of form is, and that's commendable. I'm getting the sense that the fake flowers are a token hesitant attempt at prettified domesticity, and thus their failure is actually a success in my book, and while the Frank Frazetta print -- a staple of Pop Art boyhood machismo -- clearly reveals he's one with his inner Vanir, the disabled smoke detector says the occasional flouting of authority is permissible.