What I Learned From John Waters ... And Each of You

David: So, this is a semi-serious post, but it won't be boring. I promise.

For those of you that don't like to read, I'll just cut to the chase: After publishing Lurid Digs for twenty years I'm asking for your support. It's a simple equation: Is Lurid Digs one of your favorite sites? Awesome! Then please throw a dollar our way so we can keep the site pumpin'. You can do that here. Takes about one minute tops. And thank you!

After publishing Lurid for all these years, what continues to amaze me is that no matter where I go or who I meet -- a new acquaintance, a new boyfriend (or hookup) -- a new doctor or dentist (I only go to gay medical practitioners) -- everyone always tells me the same thing after I explain to them what I do: "You are kidding me! I love that site, it's one of my favorites!"

Not once has someone said, "Huh, Lurid what? ... What's that?" Everyone knows, because, well, you know, as Aunt Ida says to Gator in John Waters' Female Trouble -- "Queers are just better."

Inevitably whoever I'm talking to will start talking about their favorite posts (which always astounds me, that their memory is so good -- I mean -- we've been publishing the site for twenty fucking years now). And then, without fail, I'm asked about the Lurid Digs photo of the guy who is hanging upside down from a chandelier -- by his balls. And I always have the same secret reaction: "God almighty, should we really have published that interior?"

But then we always did and do -- publish those kinds of photos. It's why you love us and why you've been loyal fans for so many years.

In Lurid's early days, when net porn was exploding like a supernova all across the Internet, it was a breeze keeping Lurid Digs going.

Back in the day people actually purchased porn and by running banner ads on Lurid Digs we were able to pay the writers and the designers and the artists and the coders and cover our hosting fees -- all of the stuff that's part and parcel running a site that -- 24/7 -- you could count on to be there when you clicked in eager for a laugh. (Think about how many sites have disappeared over the past twenty years, that you used to like. And, then, well, we're still here bitches!)

But I'm not sure for how much longer.

I really -- and I mean this truly, I really loathe asking for money. But conditions have changed so radically online -- it's not feasible for me to keep the site going without funds to support the effort.

I don't mean for that to sound like a high drama threat, it's just common sense amidst tight economic times (for us) and the slow erosion that's happening to ad dollars all across the Internet. You've probably noticed, wherever you go online now the ads, if you see them at all, are tackier than ever.

Which leads me to John Waters, who, ever since I was a teenager has always been a hero of mine! It was during John's book tour, several years back, while I was sitting in the theater, tripping out on his trippy monologs, that I was smacked up alongside my head when, out of the blue, while addressing the audience he mentioned Lurid Digs!

I felt like turning to the guy next to me and declaring, "Hey, that's me he's talking about. That's the website I run!" (But then I'd have to hear about the old man who is hanging by his balls from the chandelier -- so I shut my mouth.

It's both cool and corny the way John mentioned Lurid, because he was explaining to the audience how, if they are in a movie theater and they are watching a movie that's really bad they should do what he does -- a trick he learned from visiting Lurid Digs: He tunes out the film and the bad acting and just starts studying all of the various interiors on the film's sets. And then he recommended that everyone visit Lurid Digs and see what he was talking about. Man, I was lit up with pride, like a Christmas tree.

So guys, we've got a couple months to get our Patreon page pumped up and healthy with pledges. Even if it's just a dollar a month that you can pledge, man, we'll love you forever.

Thanks for being such loyal fans. And I know what you're thinking. "Where's the fucking picture of the guy that's hanging by his balls from the chandelier." HA! well, stay tuned -- more on that crazy miracle later!

Love and dirty sheets!

David K.

PS: And thanks again for your Patreon pledge guys!

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