Trend Alert: Giant Brown Barcaloungers

David: We think there's a form of Lurid Digs-inspired devolution at work here. After years of highlighting the kind of sofas most inclined to suffocate (or devour) their unwitting owners, we're now discovering another disturbing trend: chairs that are serving a similar death wish-compelled function: Big, brown, puffy Barcaloungers.

Only in America could this phenomenon occur with such callow abandon: The land of Hummers, 55-ounce Big Gulps, Costco food orgies and Texas.

What was once a room, a reflection of the owner's style and aesthetic sense, is now nothing more than just a storage area for The Chair. And while we're tracking trends, we reluctantly draw your attention to the bungie-secured cage strapped to gramma's old dresser. Though what it harbors is not visible, we're imagining either a mongoose or -- during these hardscrabble times -- maybe even a small child.

Tears have been shed.