Something So Wrong It's Right

David: When I see a pic like this I'm moved deeply by the fact that, for the past fourteen years, Lurid Digs has continued to beam out, uninterrupted, from its corner of the queer universe its unique critiques and commentaries regarding the horrors of gay male dwellings. Never once have we failed to keep the spirit of good bad taste alive -- a reason for each of us here to go on living.

Unlike most of our postings, this one has a distinct Lurid Digs 'awareness' about it (confirming how our presence has permeated the culture) meaning, it looks to be staged to act as a contender for our critic's eye. And if that's true, then, well, congratulations dear tattooed homeowner -- welcome to the party.

Props for your Monet-like sprawl atop your forest green Victorian couch, complimented by what looks to be Monet's very own nightstand, covered in layers of smeared oil paint. The gray shag rug strikes a nice compliment to the couch, as does the giant Coke bottle to the rolled up Doritos bag placed on what appears to be a ready serving of cocaine. Modern hookup culture etiquette at its best -- all that's missing is the economy-sized bottle of K-Y.

Two thumbs (and butt-plugs) up on this. One of my all-time faves.