The Up Side of Downsizing

Eric: Times are tough. Things are hard all over. How do you go from 3600 square feet of home to 1200 of condo? Or 500 of apartment? You divest. I'm certain that, like me, when you got your first apartment you made and filed a detailed, prioritized list of everything you'd need to eventually furnish your dream house. Now is the time to whip it out, grab a cup of coffee and work it in reverse.

Things to Keep: the curtains (I'd use the green in a rep stripe to recover the chairs) and the Art Deco display cabinet. I'd keep the little streetscape. I'd keep it in the powder room, in fact.

Things for the Consignment Shoppe: pretty much everything else-- the rug, the framed painting, the vermeil goblets, the vinyl mats, the samurai sword (unless you have an extremely oversized cheese platter).
The short leg of the L isn't a dining room, it's a nook. And you can't afford to feed 6 people. Lose some of the chairs.

Use the money you make to buy a honeyed beige paint and tone down some of that shiny red. And maybe some neutral transitional furniture to dilute your motif a bit. Everything you keep should coordinate, but you shouldn't keep everything that coordinates. You'll end up looking like you live in a theme restaurant, and that's starting your new life off on the wrong foot.