Red Alert: Barracks and Botulism

David: Ever enter a room (or opened a refrigerator) and thought to yourself: "Jesus fuck ... there must be a cure for cancer growing in here." Well, so, yeah -- THAT!

Obvious pointers arise from the depths of our designer Dos and Don'ts list -- which, really?... must we highlight? A little white paint would go a long way. Empty the trash can. Maybe add several more 'red arrow' notices to make sure everyone knows where the fire extinguisher (!) is located. Oy. Some art on the walls would be nice. Or maybe just one of those posters of a big-titted gal in a thong leaning over the opened hood of a car -- pretending to know where the head gasket is on the motor. You know real 'guy art.'

We have to give props for what looks to be the air conditioner hidden behind aluminum mini-blinds. But then how does light enter this room. Oh! rhetorical question. Any biology major knows you need shadowing to grow the best mold specimens. See, we might be design experts but that doesn't mean any of us graduated high school.

Best feign hearing reveille and exit this room pronto. (But leave your urine sample with the nurse in the back corner.)air max 90 essential USA