Pink Narcissus

David: Missing drawers, missing photos, missing hangers, missing plastic seat covers (for when you're self-sucking yourself into a frenzy and get too much of a mouthful and then, well -- I mean, spillage! -- come on!)

Because nearly 80 percent of the submissions we receive here at LD are snatched from hook-up site profiles we're continually forced to offer commentaries that act as utilitarian Queer Culture PSAs. We don't mind providing this service, although it gets to be tedious regarding frequency. I mean, the one faux pas we see repeatedly? Family photos in the background of the interiors. Or in this case, the room denizen's own baby photo which creates a creepy Lynchian contrast when placed in the vicinity of his uroboric shenanigans.

So, rule number one: All family photos go into a drawer (well, a slot in this case. As mentioned above the drawer's gone missing).

A quick closing note: Pink is never a good wall color for a man's bedroom. Ever. Especially when coupled with white dresser and closet doors that feature that faux French colonial vibe. It all harkens back to Patty's cousin Cathy's bedroom, from the old (very old now) Patty Duke Show. To borrow from that show's theme song it can "make you can lose your mind." And we kinda have on this interior. We're logging off now -- before this guy's next Chaturbate session begins.