Pay No Attention to the Man In Front of the Curtain

David: I've never understood curtains, unless you have one of those bathtubs that are also a shower and then it's a necessity dictated by the laws of gravity and your desire to hold on to your apartment's security deposit by not destroying the floor.

But here, where an entire section of a room has been partitioned off -- no, no, no! It triggers creepy serial killer vibrations; reminiscent of a set, say, from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre or later a film like Silence of the Lambs. It's just not a good thing.

What's on the other side? And why does the homeowner need to prevent a visitor from seeing what's on the other side? These are all questions our panel of design experts struggled with and eventually gave up on. None of us wanted to actually try to guess or imagine -- the worst. And can you blame us?

So dear reader, we'll leave it to you -- in the comments section below -- to reveal the truith. Give us your best shot! What is behind curtain Number One?