Neo-Goth Meets Country Primitive

Shawn: I'd describe this setting as a blue movie take on a Vincent Price/Edgar Allan Poe epic from the early 70s called The Mounting of Morella or The Bitchfinder General.

His Faustian Van Dyke and bicep bat tattoo are icing on the cake. If it’s possible to fuse Neo-Goth with Country Primitive, this guy has pulled it off.

High props for the velvety deep green draperies and tablecloth. Both items would seem pretentious and "bordello" were it not for the glossy wood chairs and matching chandelier -- two items that could be set interiors on Twin Peaks.

I think the candelabra may be the linchpin of the whole affair. Very Interview With The Vampire. No one really needs one of them, yet he’d lose some of his mystique without it.

The bonus is the treeny Home Sweet Home-style wall mount in the background that adds a cozy air to the whole affair.

Sure, he’s probably going to exsanguinate you or perform some sort of diabolical sex rite upon you while you lay dazed and powerless, but he’ll serve you a nice homemade apple crisp first.

We’ve all had worse.