Laura Ashley Meets Warhol

David: One of the big reveals that we each encounter at the end of our lives is this: It was all about choices. Sidestepping the neverending philosophical debate regarding 'fate' or 'free will', we'll just assume that 'choice' is something we each have some modicum of involvement with. And this tableau symbolizes the myriad ways it can all go tragically wrong.

If you allow your eye to fall on any one item or treatment in this room you can hear a blaring 'buzzer' sound in the back of your head -- declaring: WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

And so many questions are triggered: The Warhol-inspired 'art' work. Is that Julian Assange or the homeowner in his younger days? Is that a motorized hospital bed that's been pulled from the Broadway set of The Secret Garden? Are the stuffed animals elementary school day leftovers or pilfered stock from a job at the carnival? And is the crazy mishmash of blue related to red and green spectrum colorblindness?

But then ultimately it's best to let sleeping dogs lie (or floral themes to wilt). One thing we've learned after publishing Lurid Digs for the past twenty years is that 'taste' is an incredibly complicated and subjective thing -- and often points to various levels of psychological trauma from childhood. What stimulates it, stokes it and provokes us to make one design choice over another is one of life's greatest mysteries. Yet another matter for philosophers -- and home interior TV show hosts to ponder.

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