Keeping the Pesky Neighbors Off Your Trick Trail

Shawn: Like the fakey backdrop from the climax of Marnie, the background here is either terribly ill-advised or intentionally employed to grant a dissonant feel of unrealness to the proceedings. Only the director and the production designer know for sure, but I feel like it's the latter. You could go with the expected hanging chains, cinder blocks, display of horse hair whips, and rape rack, but a well-scrubbed, antiseptic-white, and daylit Long Beach bungalow promises a more touristy, vanilla experience -- great for a first time tryer. Instead of a Redheaded Slut laced with Special K, you can have a refreshing Fresca served on a glossy vinyl tablecloth. The red rubber dust lip around the potted palm fronds clearly conveys that the resident likes to compartmentalize his kink; trysts are for the bedroom, but stray dirt on the kitchen tiles will not be tolerated. Flower portraits -- my amateur botanist is guessing these are either croci or frangipanis -- are key bespeakers of the need for prettifying the impurities of real life and keeping the pesky neighbors off your trick trail.