Just Hangin' Out

David: After Richard's recent exploration into minimalism (a Lurid Digs first -- see the post prior to this one), it seemed fitting to slowly ease our way back into the horrors of clutter and mismatched colors by taking on another fairly tame bedroom.

So here are some quick pointers for this sad beige space

1. Want to generate excitement in your room (and a sense of owning a personality that actually has dimensions?) Do not allow the carpeting to jump the molding and start crawling up the walls. The atmospheric effect is too cocooning -- which for many men is a libidinal buzzkill. Especially should your evening be hook-up-centric.

2. Go ahead and LIVE A LITTLE -- unravel your battery charger's cord and place said batteries on a flat surface like a table or even the seat of a chair.

3. Get rid of your old Boy Scouts pup tent -- that you're presently using for a bedspread -- and splurge for something with colors and patterns from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

O.K., so that's it for our attempt to unpack minimalism. We miss our hoarders and design-challenged gay dwellers. Look for their return next week!