Inquiring Minds Need to Know

Richard: Sometimes, photos generate more questions than answers. Sometimes, what is unknown is more telling than what is known. (Don't tell me I'm not a zen master.) To wit:

1. Why are there wind chimes indoors?

2. Why is there garden furniture indoors?

3. Why is there an uncovered garbage can beside the door and not under the kitchen sink?

4. Why is there a free-standing cat tower in the middle of the room? (Note: I could've legitimately ended that question after the word "tower".)

5. Why isn't there a tray under that fake plant? (Note: I may have answered my own question.)

6. Why is the lower half of that fake plant a phalaenopsis and the top half a nonsense wildflower?

7. After the garland of nonsense violets finishes eating that print from a shuttered Hampton Inn, could it turn its attention to the drapes? They're making me seasick.

See? Those questions reveal that the person who lives here is a mad scientist cat person who breeds monstrous fake flowers for a living. He may also be a cat. Go in peace, crazy mad scientist cat person.