I Am Nauseous (Yellow) 2: Electric Boogaloo

Eric: I'm fully aware of the modern trend toward multi-purpose spaces. It isn't even particularly modern-- I've been advocating halfbath/library combinations since the '70s, and Catherine Beecher was doing open concept with movable partitions and rolling rooms a century before that.

However, the dining room/office/bar/chapel/cookie tin museum/masturbatorium is a bit much. Surely one function could be moved to the other side of those sad luan folding doors. They might be enough to keep the horror at bay. Or at least keep one from whizzing on the keyboard.

And speaking of the wall color, the last time I saw that in my house I had to take sulfur drugs and drink cranberry juice for a week. I still feel a bit sick thinking about it. Which corner is the vomitorium?