Hipster Trump Trauma

David: No. No. No. Just no. What's more disturbing than a Pokémon stuffed animal propped on your bed's headboard? Your 4th-grade efforts to trace your favorite Pokémon illustration hanging from the wall.

Socioculturally speaking, it's fascinating to track the after effects of the 'world at large' on individual's personal space, and I'm afraid this bedroom is a good example of the fallout of a Donald Trump presidency. The shock of Hillary's defeat seems to have retrogressed hipsters across the nation into commencing their second childhoods decades early.

Practical design and therapeutic advice would be:

1. Call Hoarders Annonymous and find out their closest location and next meeting date. Do not talk in a little boy voice while conversing with the receptionist.

2. Invest in a bottle of Windex and do some deep cleaning on the lube-smeared mirror.

3. Remove the aforementioned illustrations/tracing/renderings/etchings.

4. Seek trauma counseling for the crippling aftereffects of the current presidency -- and attempt to get on with your life as an adult male.

5. Delete the Pokémon app from your smart phone.

6. Shoot new Scruff profile pics.

6. Start fucking and sucking again. Nike Zoom Vomero 13