Death, Be Not Proud

David: Hi Guys

It's a sad day for us.

After publishing Lurid Digs for the past twenty years we are looking to shutter the site in 2018.

You've probably noticed that as the year is coming to a close the entire Internet is begging for money. It's sort of alarming! The last thing I wanted to do was a post that would join in that choir, but, well, here I am.

Earlier this year I tried to be cool (and not beg) and figure out a business plan that would keep Lurid Digs alive. That plan involved switching the site from an ad-driven model to a Patreon-dependent charity.

Before committing to the Patreon path I ran a poll on Facebook and asked you guys and gals if you'd be willing to pledge a dollar or so a month to keep us cooking. Out of about 1,800 responses, more than half of you said, "Yes, keep Lurid Digs alive!"

And I thought: "All right -- we've got this -- fucking A!"

And then 23 of you actually pledged.

I'm not trying to bitch or moan about this situation to make anyone feel shitty. I'm just pointing out the reality of our situation and trying to decide, this month, how to move forward.

Today I'm asking you to share with me your ideas, suggestions, brainstorms or whatever creative solutions or commitments you can imagine.

The short and sad solution is burying the site.

If that needs to happen I'll put together the Best of Book that we've publicized this year and then shutter the archives and allow the site to settle into its legacy -- and the dust.

So, here's your chance to put on your thinking cap. Please, share with me below. There are over 3,500 folks over in the Lurid Digs Facebook community -- and I'm eager to hear from each of you!


David K.