Before Compulsory Lifestyle Empires Began

Shawn: Is it a couch? Or is it a chair? The fuck if I know, but it definitely was purchased from a furniture factory outlet a stone's throw from Niagara Falls in 1986.

When your retired teacher parents seethe at condescending politicians who bash their union, this is the fabric pattern they have in their minds when they bitch about making a paltry $4000 a year after spending five years in school. Really, everything here has a vestigial feel to it: the all-purpose cabinet doing time as a makeshift entertainment center, the Extreme! sports bottle, the too-blocky computer keypad, the analog-looking TV set -- it's all sort of comforting in the way that a nostalgic fugue is.

Before Bush, Jr. Before The Crash. Before compulsory lifestyle empires.