Eric: My hatred for shiny wooden walls is well-documented. Scroll waaaaaaaay back to "I Never Met A Mancave I Didn't Loathe" if you have the strength and/or you need a refresher.

Seriously, whitewash that shit. Then you have options-- gentrified rustic, industrial, country house, seaside charmer...

While the slate is blank, gather up the existing wall adornments (particularly the bizarre 'scab' coatrack and Blair Witch crucifix) and group them elsewhere. The wall over the trashcan on the back porch would be perfect.

For some reason. this room cries out to me for some '60s homespun craftiness. Macramé, beads, bamboo, yarn art, whatever. Pick your 3 favorite colors and tie-dye duvet and pillow covers. Tension rods and café curtain clip bandannas for the window.

I do like the bedside chest. Remove the placemat and power strip that's camouflaging it and let it be free to be itself.

Mirrors get their feeling of worth from what they reflect. This poor fella should be moved to the opposite wall and joined by three to five more for a view worth reflecting.

And speaking of the bed, there's plenty of space here for one large enough for encounters both solo and group. Spread your wings and fly, child of the universe. That's copacetic.