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Richard: Sometimes, photos generate more questions than answers. Sometimes, what is unknown is more telling than what is known. (Don't tell me I'm not a zen master.) To wit:

1. Why are there wind chimes indoors?

2. Why is there garden furniture indoors?

3. Why is there an uncovered garbage can beside the door and not under the kitchen sink?


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David: When I see a pic like this I'm moved deeply by the fact that, for the past fourteen years, Lurid Digs has continued to beam out, uninterrupted, from its corner of the queer universe its unique critiques and commentaries regarding the horrors of gay male dwellings. Never once have we failed to keep the spirit of good bad taste alive -- a reason for each of us here to go on living.



Ericthewriter@a... (not verified) remarks:

I've written before about my time in New Orleans. I left enough brain cells and DNA there to populate the village of the damned, and this tableau almost takes me back. Almost.
If he ever wakes up, this guy should do a faux Venetian plaster treatment to the walls, break out the baroque picture frames, hotglue some fringe to the pillows and drip a half dozen spiral candles onto the side table.
And if said side table has an opium pipe in the drawer, the room's unfinished state explains itself.

Wed, 08/10/2016 - 15:10

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David: You know how some pet owners, especially if they own a dog, begin to resemble their pooch over time? Well, there's a bit of that phenomenon going on here -- despite the absence of a canine.


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David: It’s assumed that a lot of the loot that was unearthed when various Egyptian Pharaoh’s tombs were excavated was in place to symbolically represent the span of that particular ruler’s time as royalty. So toys from childhood, small thrones from his teen years, favorite hieroglyphs, were gathered together and put on display to give a chronological feel for the king’s time on earth.



PassingThrough remarks:

Good insight. But Teddy bears can't survive eons (unless well pickled).

But I can just imagine eighty thousand years from now, post next ice age, Cornell graduate students in archaeology, digging up buildings like the CVS on the corner by me, with its big plastic owl perched on a stick, mounted on the peak of the entrance precipice (to keep pigeons and starlings away). The numerous papers they'll write elaborating on the "Owl Worship" cult; complete with "churches of the owl" and backyard icons, of plastic owls, "which by that time replaced the blonde dame in a blue robe with shawl and her arms outstretched."

How many PhD's will Cornell give out on that one? Hope I live to see [sarc]

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 18:43

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David: We're all living through a wildly shifting set of extremes when it comes to residential spaces. To own a home or to rent? Or to live under a freeway underpass?


I wonder

Ericthewriter remarks:

If the eyebolts are for the pot rack. I wonder if the washing machine agitator has a dildo attachment. I wonder if they use sprigs of rosemary for a nipple whip. I wonder if the cutting board leaves bruises on the buttocks.

But mostly I wonder if anyone else thinks that that blue tile is punishment enough.

Sun, 05/22/2016 - 14:06

Not a Match

PassingThrough remarks:

Blue 4X4 (hmmm, 5X5?) ceramic tile does not go with a gingham check red & white rag hung in proximity to it. But the tony stainless steel salt and pepper mill? A "have to have."

There is something about an old bottle of rancid sticky olive oil, sitting right smack dab over a dryer...uh, uh. No thanx, Mom...just send my laundry out.

Sat, 06/25/2016 - 19:06

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