The Considerate Ways of an Ugly Blanket

David: There's nothing like self-awareness married to consideration to ease the potential pain you might cause a loved one who harbors a cleanliness fetish. And because this guy is aware that he's a slave to his various ADD compulsions, he is keeping things real for his mom by:

• Bringing his own snacks, lots of snacks (like his favorite cabernet to compliment his Captain Crunch), carefully assembled on a placemat for end table protection.
• Having a dime on the ready should he need to go down to the corner to make a phone call to report a fire. (Do phone booths even exist anymore?)
• Lugging along an ugly blanket to protect an even uglier sofa from any beverage spills or free-flying body fluids that might erupt after abandoning ESPN to make a scheduled appearance on Chatterbate. (Or maybe he'll be Skyping with his FB in Prague -- despite the time zone shift due to DLST).

Our lone style recommendation would be to get a decent size painting hung over the couch, preferably something monochromatic so as not to clash with the clashing sofa patterns. Or a large mirror would work too, great to watch himself scooting across the floor in his socks, doing his best Risky Business impersonation.