The Music Man's Dilemma

David: This is a space where music is paramount and order and symmetry don't count for much. There are actually about 13 guitars in this room (we've seen other online shots from this series) -- some behind the doors in those closets, some under the bed, some hanging in a sling next to the bed. The devotion to music here is beyond manic, in fact there are so many guitars in this room there isn't any room for clothing, so this room is experienced with the owner being naked all of the time. We don't have a lot to say about this room because color treatment-wise the white doors with the beige walls are OK by us. And the CDs to the left appear orderly and contained, it's really just the need to clench our fists and get up the gumption to walk right into this room and help the owner out with his dilemma (the 'no room for his clothing thing' that he struggles with) that's compelling this critique. We'll suspend any sort of judgement, though -- and we'll just soothe him and assure him that his nakedness is next to godliness and that the music of the spheres is best played on a skin flute. We think he'll dig that and probably want to accompany us on a guitar.