In A White Room with Bleh Curtains

Eric:I've never been so relieved that our self-promoting pioneer Lady Mendl has been dead for 65 years. This room would make her flip over and shit straight up in the air.

I'll wait while you Wiki her and then try to unsee that image...

(sings quietly, 'on her back is the Battle of Waterloooooooooooo
beside it, the wreck of the Hesperus, tooooooooo")

She would never put a sundial in a bathroom.

Even for the doyenne of post-Victorian white interiors, this would be a bit much. For me, it's not enough. The tile is not actively offensive, but grey grout would be a great start in giving the space some moderne structure. Then a less draining wall color, a suction-mounted dispenser to corral the soap, shampoo, conditioner and lube, and a kitschy shower curtain (leopard print, anyone?).

Finally, I'd send that window mistreatment to Sandra Lee to turn back into a tablescape. Somebody give the poor dear a cocktail, as well. It may be eternal noon in this room, but it's martini o'clock somewhere.