I Am Nauseous (Yellow)

Eric: Longtime readers will recognize that what I'm about to say, I've said before. If you're a new Digger, take notes. Otherwise, you might get sick of me repeating myself: As gay men, we have a moral obligation to teach each other and the rest of the world about flattering colors around which to be nude. These walls ain't it. They're giving me a sick headache, as the granny who originally furnished this room would have said.

I know that beige walls give many of you gay vertigo, so my suggestion is that you take a few deep breaths and go for a soft putty tone.

I've gone on and on about squooshy furniture and vinyl. The quick fix is a semi-fitted slipcover. Wide wale gold corduroy, I think. Much easier on the eyes and buttocks. The missing skeet blanket should be a mossy green microfiber. Speaking of the couch, why is it pushed into the middle of the room, choking the space like that? Push it back a bit, let everything breathe.

Once the couch is back against the wall, gather up all those small framed pieces and group them together behind it. I actually like the interplay between the (poorly hung) mirror, chest, and rug. But they're too close together, so the effect is blurred. That window shawl? No.

This could be a nice, genteel withdrawing room, but right now it looks like Wong Foo Abbey, and that makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.